Adult Education

The inclusion of so many women is important. Women in this area traditionally have an inferior social role (for example girls kneel when speaking to an older woman or a man. An adult woman kneels when speaking to a man in authority).

Any women in the village are however very active in trying to improve their lives and that of their community. Women hold positions of authority in the local councils and there is Yibba Women’s Group. Their aims are to:

  • Unite as women of Yibba, to work together and to get to know each other.
  • Start projects which will generate an income for our families and for our villages.
  • Get advice from one another on how to raise school fees for our children.
  • Acquire skills and techniques which will develop our families.

Many of the women from this group are also in the Adult education. The project is run in collaboration with the District Community Development Office, which provides the books and we have teachers who have volunteered.

These groups are proving to be a motor for change in the area and are looking outwards for inspiration and ideas. They have netball and football teams that play on weekends.

They have also set up a microcredit system, which is recognised by the District authorities and is used by the members of the group to hire a space in the market to sell excess produce or to buy chickens, pigs or better quality seeds.