Children Care Development

Children Care Development (CCD) is one of one of the programmes.
Vision: Training children into a responsible Christian adult to transform the community.

Mission: To bring up children holistically and mould them with love, faithfulness, and truthfulness to become professional religious adults.


Child Survival Program
Focuses on children under four (4) years of age who are vulnerable to preventable diseases like malaria, pneumonia, water born diseases, etc. It is designed to help children survive in their critical development years. Under this we intend to  mother child units with an overall goal of rescuing, nurturing, and disciplining mothers and their babies.

Child Sponsorship Program
It’s the most far reaching of the programs beginning with children under 3 and 9 years of age and work with them until maximum age of 22 years of age. A concerted effort is made to build a meaningful relationship between the child and the sponsor who is able to encourage and support the child in his or her long term development. The long term nature of the program creates an opportunity to more deeply address the holistic needs of the child. We now 10 children under their program with major goal of developing, disciplining, and equipping them for life.

Leadership Development Program
This will provides opportunity for a university education and intensive Religious leadership training for most gifted and service oriented graduates .


  • To teach fundamental faith to children in order to make them demonstrate commitment to the community
  • To equip children with skills through both formal and nonformal education to be economically self supporting.
  • To ensure that children are physically healthy and choose good health practices.
  • To equip children and make them learn how to relate in the community   in a healthy and compassionate manner


  • Children conferences/ camps, Outreach to the local churches and the community, Fellowships, Radio ministries.
  • Payment of school fees, Provision of scholastic materials, Skills training e.g. weaving, tailoring, baking, knitting. Remedial teaching and Functional Adult Literacy.
  • Health screening, First aid and medical treatment, Nutrition support and VCT, Health campaigns/sensitization, Deworming, Environmental conservation through tree planting, Growth monitoring, Immunization, Family planning, CD4 counts, Provision of domestic assistance e.g. clothing, ITNs, farm inputs etc.
  • Games and sports, Celebration of National and international events, Celebration of birth days of children, community services, letter writing, and provision of play equipments.
  • Care givers meetings, church ministry to children and their families, resource mobilization, trainings, retreats, expose visit.

Source of Funding

  • Support funds from well-wishers and  international bodies
  • Local contribution from care givers
  • Sell of products made by children e.g. cakes mandazi, chapatti.
  • Support from other partner organizations.

What we intend to achieve

  • Children and care givers relationship
  • A number of separated families to be united
  • All the children in the program to join primary and secondary schools.
  • Many illiterate care givers to be able to read and write.
  • Reduce incidence of preventable diseases.
  • Children and care givers should be able to generate income through the skills learnt.
  • Children to learn good health practices.