Children Care Development

Children Care Development (CCD) is one of one of the programmes with a vision of training children into a responsible Christian adult to transform the community.

Economic Development Programs

The aim is to help individual families or cooperative groups to start, or to expand, an agricultural or commercial enterprise and so give a boost to the economy of the area.

Adult Education

The inclusion of so many women is important. Women in this area traditionally have an inferior social role (for example girls kneel when speaking to an older woman or a man.

Youth Initiatives

STS Uganda successfully engaged many Youth by providing various programs such as Community Empowering Youth Program and Youth Workforce Program.

Health Campaigns

Health is the over all condition of an organism at a given time. Thinking of people, health consists of a complete state of physical, social, and mental well being.

Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water is a key factor in reducing poverty, improving health and achieving sustainable development